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by on Jul.01, 2008, under Uncategorized

While spending a long weekend on the beach, I was watching a family of 5 when it became clear they had lost one of their children.

The mother was screaming hysterically what sounded like, “Byron, Byron!”

Some people around her including myself went over and asked, “What’s he wearing?” She replied through her bursting tears, “ blue shorts with orange frogs, he’s carrying a yellow bucket and a blue shovel, he’s 3 and he can’t swim!”

As the lifeguard came to handle the situation, we set out in all directions combing the beach looking for a lost little boy.

We had gone nearly ½ mile up the shoreline when I began to think he couldn’t have come this far. And then I saw a lifeguard coming holding the hand of a crying child wearing, guess what?

I was never so happy to see blue shorts, orange frogs, a yellow bucket and blue shovel in my life.

I said, “Do you have our lost boy?” See the minute I got involved he was my child too.

He said yes. I rubbed his little blonde head and tried to comfort him by saying, “all right, your mom is waiting for you, good job.”

At that moment, and every time I have thought about it since, I am unable to hold back the tears.

The loss of something so absolutely irreplaceable is devastating. Equally as emotional is the joy of finding it again.

Love on your people today.

Terri King

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