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Quiet, Please!

by on Jul.21, 2008, under Uncategorized

Life is noisy. The phone’s ringing, the baby’s crying, the TV’s blaring, the dog’s barking. You name it, right?

Often, I think, we go day after day without a moment of meaningful silence.

Okay, you say, what’s the big deal?

Well, it’s only in quiet time that we are able to visit with ourselves intimately.

It’s a time for healing, a time for calming, and a time for searching.

Time well spent.

3 Things to do to create quiet:

1. Turn off the TV/Radio ( This mas feel uncomfortable at first, stay with it.)

2. Pick a place you like to relax in.

3. Set a definite time period aside for quietness. (Try 5 minutes to start.)

I’m gonna hush now so you can be quiet.

Terri King

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  • Sally

    I’m not a happy camper when I go too long without my “quiet” time each day…..that would be “mat” time for me!
    Lovely that you pass on to others such a simple action/discipline to create “space” in our lives.
    I encourage everyone to try it!
    What do you have to loose? Maybe 5 minutes from your day…
    ……but stay with it each day to see all that you will gain!

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