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A Short Trip

by on Nov.25, 2008, under Uncategorized

Holidays already? This year has been challenging for most of us. But still, where did it go?

Life truly is just a vapor that appears for a while and is gone.

It’s so easy to fill the space of time in our lives with minutiae.

Time seems to be like money in that if it doesn’t have a specific purpose it just goes away.

Let’s seek out the good things in life and give them more room to make great memories for us.

Time is never wasted when you’re in search of a good thing.

After all, it is the limiting factor in life, and the most unforgiving.

There’s only so much of it and when it’s gone there’s no getting it back.

No matter how long you live it’s really just a short trip.

I’m not going to tell you how to live, just to live and live fully.

Terri King

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Say Your Prayers

by on Nov.18, 2008, under Uncategorized

By now we all know to get what you want you gotta know what you want. And it’s true.

Really hashing that out for every aspect of your life can be a challenge, but worth it.

Okay, let’s say you do. You got all worked out , for today, because plans do change.

If you don’t write it down somewhere, that’s the worst. If you write it down but you never look at it again, well, that’s a little better but not much. You gotta write it down and refer to it often.

I have recently arranged the statement of my major purpose into a prayer.

I find it exponentially more powerful and I get the added bonus of the opportunity to be thankful for all that I already have.

That makes me feel hopeful and elevates my spirit.

Give it a try and don’t forget to say your prayers.

Terri King

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Focal Shift

by on Nov.11, 2008, under Uncategorized

Veteran’s Day is a time to honor those who have given of themselves for the sake of others, for their country, for freedom’s glory.

It reminds me that in these times of trouble, a great way to curb negativity and despair is to take the focus off you and give something to someone else.

It’s natural when we get in trouble to withdraw into ourselves. I must say, that’s exactly what I have done. Just ask my friends and family.

Not that this is so bad, but I was talking to another business owner earlier today and I realized giving her an ear and trying to encourage her gave me a good feeling.

We really do need each other and I appreciate all of you.

Thank a veteran today and ask that person next to you how they are and if you can do anything to help them. The reward may be yours.

Terri King

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Hail to the King?

by on Nov.06, 2008, under Uncategorized

So, America votes for change. I couldn’t be happier if it’s for the right kind of change that originates in the right place.

What do you mean, you say. I know our country is in a mess with 2 wars, economic woes, a national deficit of nearly $1 trillion, and international relationships that are fragile at best.

Do we need change? Absolutely. But let me encourage you to protect and defend your individuality, your freedoms, and your independence by committing yourself to the change that is necessary to move the world into a better place.

The “arc of history” and the “hope of a better day” appropriately lies in each one of us and it is ours to claim as citizens of a free country for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world.

Free men and women, do not look to a single figure in a powerful position to right the wrongs, to cure the ills, to “get you there”. The power for enduring change of the people and for the people must be by the people.

I’ll start with me. You start with you. And together we will revive the pride of the American spirit and keep our country free.

I have no party affiliation. I love America. I love to live my life to the dictates of my own heart. To keep doing that, we, as individuals, must take responsibility for the change that needs to come.

America does not need a King. America needs its people.

May God bless the new administration for the sake of the people.

Terri King

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