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You’re the Boss

by on Feb.11, 2008, under Uncategorized

Whoever’s thinking has the most authority.  The concept that thoughts have power goes back thousands of years.  By that, you’ve guessed I’m not going to tell you anything new, but this is worth revisiting.  Have you ever let your mind wonder back on an emotional experience and find yourself weeping or laughing all over again?  Good.  You’ve had a personal experience with the power of your mind and its ability to give life to thoughts.  Our lives are born daily out of our own thoughts.  I remember the first time I caught a glimpse of this powerful truth.  I was then and still am thrilled to know that my life is whatever I make it.  I’m the Boss. The same goes for us all.  The paper-thin barrier between us and what we really want for our lives is just the decision to have it, and then, manage our thoughts well enough to reach our goal.

Remember you’re the boss.  Here are some thought management strategies every boss can use:

1. Negative thinking gets the pink slip, NO EXCEPTIONS!!

2. Positive thinking gets rewarded, and a PROMOTION!!

3.  Thoughts go the right direction, or they get REPLACED!!

Bossy Self to Thought: “I know it sounds like a mighty tough place to work, but we’re not tinkering around here, Mr. Thought, lives depend on your determination and focus.  Now, let’s get busy.”

Have fun bossing yourself around.

Terri King

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  • Bryan

    This is an excellent self improvement strategy! As Einstein said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” How can we expect our lives to be fully enriched, if we do not direct our thoughts in a means congruent with our expectations? If we harbor confusion within our minds, we have no hope for our actions to be disciplined in a manner that will inevitably bring life long happiness. So, I believe you have certainly exposed the root of our enlightenment and its embattlement within the corridors of our mind!

  • Kara

    I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am in the PWB and read this article “You’re the Boss” and passed it along to co workers. Keep up the inspirational writting!

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