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Bear Sign

by on May.27, 2008, under Uncategorized

First let me say thank you to everyone who has made a sacrifice for freedom and especially to those who have given their lives.

Now, let me tell you about my bear encounter on Sunday.

I was mountain biking on the north boundary of Bent Creek. I was bringing up the rear, as usual, when I heard a rustled off to the left up on the bank. I thought, “ That sounded bigger than a squirrel or turkey, maybe it was a deer or maybe…..a bear?”

See item number 70 on my list of “Things to Do in my Life” is seeing a black bear in the woods, safely. (Thank God I put the word SAFELY in there)

So I looked up as I rode by just at the chance to see if maybe….yes! It was a bear. Oh and her cub! It was so exciting. We had a moment, we met eyes. She saw me and I saw her. Of course my next thought was Oh God! I saw a bear.

After a minute or two of going way too fast down the trail, I got a handle on myself and was delighted again.

That’s when I began to think about the deeper meaning behind what had just happened. This was a “bear” sign, if you will.

Why did I see the bear and Bryan, who was riding in front of me, didn’t? Why did I even look over?

The answer….She was on my list. My subconscious mind was actually looking for her and that’s why I saw her.

So what about the other things on my list? What about the things on your list?

Could it be as simple as writing our goals down, keeping them in the backs of our minds, putting ourselves in the position to have them just literally cross our paths?

I think maybe so! We don’t have to know how or when things are going to happen we just have to believe they can.

Here’s wishing you can cross off an item on your list this week.

Terri King

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  • Sally Iannazzone

    Hey Terry ~ GREAT story!
    ……..and GREAT perspective!
    I too have a list, and I can remember seeing my first bear…..on foot climbing up to La Conte Lodge.
    I felt like a child with pure delight and amazement :o)
    I like to take out that list and be able to check off some things and add on to it……never stop growing and changing and adding on……
    it keeps you ALIVE!

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