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Government Knows Best?

by on Jun.11, 2009, under General

Earlier this week, NPR did a segment on the future of the economic philosophy of the government of the United States.  I was in awe of what I was hearing.  My mouth was literally agape.  

Apparently, there has been study collaboration between some psychology professors and economists.  Interesting already, don’t you thing?  Their argument is this: The human mind is very sensitive to suggestive intentions and is hardwired to make poor decisions.  I think one of the phrases used was “emotional economics”.  

President Obama has put together a team to look into this as a basis for policy making.  His goal is to justify the need for more government intervention into the lives of every American.  The theory is that we need the government to act in our best interest because we cannot arrive at what is best for us on our own.  Yes, this was said on the radio.  

My comments are not politically driven.  I believe this attitude could be adopted across the aisle if left uncontested by you and I.  At the end of the day, donkey or elephant, still a politician.  Our government is made up of human being, so I’m curious as to how they aren’t subject to this bane.  My fear is that, at the very least, this kind of talk will begin to sow seeds of self doubt into Americans.  

By and large, we are strong, independent thinkers, who are well capable of gathering pertinent information, evaluating data, and arriving at an appropriate conclusion that is in the best interest of ourselves and our families.  Don’t ever let anyone make you think any government entity anywhere can know more about what is best for you and yours than you do.  

Protect your freedom.  Guard your mind.


Terri King

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    this little bit of info has been out there for quite some time. It is interesting that NPR is just now talking about it. Unfortunately, this is happening, in my opinion, because the average citizen (me included) has been willing to sit back and pretty much take whatever those who are sent to represent us have decided to dish out…not putting much thought into whether it is/was good or not…at least not while our lives were moving along nicely in a humming economy/world…Well, the world crashed…and as we look around at the ashes, it is evident that we got here by listening (or not) and doing way too little ….We now have representation that thinks they “know best” because we have allowed that to happen…and if we don’t like it….we ALL better be out there…making our voices heard, our votes count, and our principals known…and lived. It is not up to those in “power” to think for us…or live for us…IT IS UP TO “WE, THE PEOPLE”.
    Good luck to us all.

  • Stephen G

    Dear Teri,

    There are two types of arrogance shown here … 1) That they believe that government knows how to manage our lives best and better than we do ourselves; and 2) That they are now bold enough to even say it publically and proceed with it as if we are not capable of seeing through it …

    Well, the next question should be … ARE WE ABLE TO SEE THROUGH IT? I hope so… and pray so.

    Great post!

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