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No Future in the Past

by on Sep.17, 2009, under The Making of a Warrior Princess

In the book, Secrets of Six Figure Women by Barbara Stanny, she talks about what she calls Six Figure Traits.  One of those is the need for “nonattachment” which means letting go of your chains.  You know, the baggage, the things that hold you back like childhood issues, bad marriages, etc.

Whatever those things are for you, they’re in the past.  They have no power over the present or the future except what we give them.  I was talking to a woman this morning who has a great business idea for a product that she developed but she just can’t seem to move forward on it.  She’s literally afraid to be successful because of past negative experiences.  This is what I’m talking about.

We ALL deserve the opportunity to be successful.  Let’s take it!!Secrets of Six Figure Women

Terri King

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Hot Off the Press!!

by on Jul.21, 2009, under General

New Leaf and I have a feature article in the latest issue of Verve Magazine.

Check it out and learn more about how we are helping tobacco barns turn over a “new leaf”.

The barn where the main photo was taken stood on Indian Grave Gap Rd in Marshall, NC.

Indian Grave Gap Barn

It was quite a majestic little place as it was once a cabin where a family was raised, then a tobacco and hay barn. The front door was still on it. Sadly, the same night of this photo, that barn was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. History was lost and we’re gonna miss it.


Terri King

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Government Knows Best?

by on Jun.11, 2009, under General

Earlier this week, NPR did a segment on the future of the economic philosophy of the government of the United States.  I was in awe of what I was hearing.  My mouth was literally agape.  

Apparently, there has been study collaboration between some psychology professors and economists.  Interesting already, don’t you thing?  Their argument is this: The human mind is very sensitive to suggestive intentions and is hardwired to make poor decisions.  I think one of the phrases used was “emotional economics”.  

President Obama has put together a team to look into this as a basis for policy making.  His goal is to justify the need for more government intervention into the lives of every American.  The theory is that we need the government to act in our best interest because we cannot arrive at what is best for us on our own.  Yes, this was said on the radio.  

My comments are not politically driven.  I believe this attitude could be adopted across the aisle if left uncontested by you and I.  At the end of the day, donkey or elephant, still a politician.  Our government is made up of human being, so I’m curious as to how they aren’t subject to this bane.  My fear is that, at the very least, this kind of talk will begin to sow seeds of self doubt into Americans.  

By and large, we are strong, independent thinkers, who are well capable of gathering pertinent information, evaluating data, and arriving at an appropriate conclusion that is in the best interest of ourselves and our families.  Don’t ever let anyone make you think any government entity anywhere can know more about what is best for you and yours than you do.  

Protect your freedom.  Guard your mind.


Terri King

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Holding Ground

by on Apr.21, 2009, under The Making of a Warrior Princess

Some days, when you’re feeling wounded, weak, and discouraged, you just gotta hunker down and try to hold what you’ve got.

Understand that on these days no forward progress may be made and that’s okay.

The goal is to keep the ground you gained yesterday.  Fight for that alone today.

Do this, and the day is counted a success and the battle not lost.

Tomorrow we will rise and fight again for a chance to advance and win!!

Terri King

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An Evening with Dr. Maya Angelou

by on Apr.17, 2009, under General

Last evening I went to Mars Hill College to hear Dr. Maya Angelou speak.  It was the first time for me and I was delighted and inspired.  If you are unfamiliar with her, you can learn more at www.MayaAngelou.com 

The resounding theme of her message was recognizing the rainbows in our clouds and being that for others.  If we are ever to make any worthwhile and lasting contributions to society and our fellow man, being a ray of hope and support for someone else in their lowest hours would be the way.

People are our greatest resource.  We are each others best assets. If we are ever to achieve uncommon success it will take the friendly cooperation of others.

I encourage you today to do what I heard Dr. Angelou do last night.  Think on the people who have been a rainbow in your clouds.  Feel the love and blessing of those gifts.  Give them praise in your heart and on your lips.  Let them know what they have meant to you. 

Have a great day.

Terri King

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Saying Good Bye to King Yeller (1996-2009)

by on Apr.01, 2009, under General

I wanted to let you all know, King died yesterday unexpectedly from complications following a routine procedure at the Vet hospital. He shared every day with me for over 12 years. He was a gentle soul. He was good company. He was my daughter’s pet.

He was my friend.

Terri King

Jewelian and King 2005

Jewelian and King 2005

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The Last Word!

by on Dec.31, 2008, under Uncategorized

Usually, I love to get the last word, but today it is with some sadness. According to plan, my year of blogging has come to the end.

Thanks so much for being a part of this wonderful experience with me. I have treasured your comments and support each week.

2008 offered its challenges to us all, as individuals and a nation.

My prayer is that 2009 will bring you spiritual depth, financial security, true friends, good health, and exciting surprises.

As we close the book on “I was just thinking….” By Terri King, I leave you with one final thought by guess who?

Me, of course!

“My best is good enough, and my best will get better the more I exercise my best.”-Terri King

Say these words to yourself anytime you need encouragement and know that I believe them for you.

May God bless you all.

Terri King

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Holiday Wishes

by on Dec.24, 2008, under Uncategorized

And a Merry Christmas to you all. See you next week.

Sincerely Yours,

Terri King

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Define, Defined.

by on Dec.16, 2008, under Uncategorized

How do we define ourselves? Who we are? What we are about?

The word define means; “ to give precise value or meaning.”

Sometimes we have defining moments, like childbirth, or monumental spiritual experiences, and the like, that we embrace in defining ourselves.

Any number of wonderful things can be used to help define us as individuals and I don’t know what all they are.

But this I do know, and listen carefully, we are not defined by our circumstances.

Maybe things are tight and you’ve had to scale back Christmas this year, or you made a bad decision and now you must live with the consequences, or you grieve the loss of a cherished relationship that you didn’t handle just right.

Any of these are unfortunate situations but, albeit painful, they don’t have to define the people that we are.

Your value lies in the core of your beliefs, your convictions, and the sincere desires of your heart.

Anything that happens to us outside of this is merely a circumstance that has the opportunity to make us better in the end if we want it to, but not define us.

In case you were having trouble defining yourself, let me help you;

you are priceless, your value is far above rubies and diamonds.

If you’re not feeling it, let’s talk, I’ll tell you why.

Terri King

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The Perfect Gift

by on Dec.10, 2008, under Uncategorized

Yeah, it’s Christmastime, and times are tough all over.

So in this time of giving, if you’re looking for the perfect gift there’s a good chance it might be a word of encouragement.

Be sensitive to other people’s situation. And if you’ve got a minute, lend an ear.

Material things come and go but emotional and spiritual gifts can last a lifetime.

If you’re like me and during these challenging times it’s been hard to find a place to give praise, remember this;

it’s the hard times that knit our hearts together and strengthen our bonds. And for that we can be thankful.

Thankfully yours,

Terri King

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